Fuyonet is a project of Nona Consult Ltd.

The employees of Nona Consult Ltd. are active worldwide. Support and administration handled by Europe, South America as well as Asia, and Southeast Asia. Help is available in English and German, while our administration and programming staff also speak Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Thai, and Tagalog (Philippines).

Nona Consult Ltd. is specialized in Internet technology consulting. In the core area, we administer systems under Linux for business customers. High availability, speed, and accessibility for our customers are the most important things for a successful business.

Nona Consult Ltd. maintains worldwide contacts with computer centers and service providers to meet our customers. We advise our customers where their website has the best home, take care of the setup, and secure connectivity. We value the carrier neutrality of our data center partners.

Nona Consult Ltd. takes care of the development and implementation of web applications for special requirements. Here we rely on the latest PHP versions, PHP frameworks like Laravel, clean and well-structured code.