Date Posted : 4 years ago

An old technician joke: "Backup is for cowards". When it happens, whether through your fault or someone else's, the damage is significant. Hackers have hacked your website, or they have accidentally deleted important files or folders. It may be rare, but when it happens, the pain is great. Fuyonet has made its new backup service available to customers this week. We back up the contents of their website, database and even e-mail accounts.

We will work with you to develop a backup concept and also think of things that you may not have considered. Whether on our shared Webhosting server or your servers. Wheresoever your site is hosted, with another provider or with us. We need SSH access, and you are ready to go. In intervals, which we work out with you, we secure everything essential to ensure your business. We store this Backup on our backup servers, and if you wish, we can also encrypt it. We will keep this Backup as long as we have worked this out with you. After the period discussed with you, this Backup will the Backup deleted.

So you always have, e.g. seven days a version of your data in 7 backups.